Water & Sewer Industry Organizations

The following is a list of water & sewer industry organizations and their related websites.

National Water Associations
Alliance for PE Pipe – http://www.pepipe.org/
Alliance for Water Efficiency – http://www.allianceforwaterefficiency.org/
American Public Works Association – http://www.apwa.net/
American Water Works Association – www.awwa.org
ASTM International – http://www.astm.org/
Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association – http://www.dipra.org/
EPA – Safe Drinking Water Act – http://water.epa.gov
National Association of Pipe Fabricators – http://www.napf.com/
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors – www.naw.org
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association – www.nowra.org
National Rural Water Association – http://www.nrwa.org/
National Utility Contractors Association – www.nuca.com
North American Society for Trenchless Technology – http://www.nastt.org/
NSF International – http://www.nsf.org/
Plastic Pipe Institute – http://www.plasticpipe.org/
The Associated General Contractors of America – http://www.agc.org/
Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association – www.wwema.org
Water Environment Federation – www.wef.org
Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association – http://www.uni-bell.org/
United States Environmental Protection Agency – http://water.epa.gov/

Regional Water Associations
California Onsite Wastewater Association – www.cowa.org
Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association – www.egowa.org
Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies – www.ilwastewater.org
Maine Wastewater Control Association – www.mwwca.org
New England Water Works Association – www.newwa.org
Texas On-Site Wastewater Industry – www.txowa.org
Wisconsin wastewater operator’s association – www.wwoa.org