Government Relations

Trillions of dollars. Six billion gallons a day. $625 billion. If you do not know what these numbers mean for our industry, you should. 

Fresh water is a scarce commodity. The infrastructure that supplies it is severely aged or simply broken in several communities and cities throughout the U.S. 

Be part of Building America Better. Educate you and your team members on the facts, and become an Advocate for our industry.

Join us for the annual WASDA Washington Summit.


Seeing is Believing 

See what you missed at the WASDA Washington Summit 2023 and why you must join us next year.


Ask Zack

Zack Perconti, WASDA’s Director of Government Affairs, is our eyes and ears on The Hill.

Do you have a question regarding what is happening in Washington, D.C. and how you can be an advocate for our industry?

Contact Zack at [email protected] or at (703) 677-6049.


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