Is WASDA open to any Water Works Distributor in the United States?
  • Yes. Distributors must apply in writing and meet the minimum requirements and standards for membership. All registrations are subject to a Board review and acceptance.
Is WASDA some type of nationwide industry buying group?
  • No. WASDA is a diverse group of Water and Sewer Distributors who have a common goal to collectively attempt to better the Water Works Industry.
How long is the Distributor Application process?
  • The application is one page and the Board review process takes a few weeks. New members can join immediately once their application is approved.
Are the dues for membership the same for all distributors?
  • No. The distributor dues are based on an increasing scale depending on the distributor’s annual sales volume. The range of dues is currently $987.00 for a company with less than $5M in sales increasing to a maximum $10,854.00 for a company with sales exceeding $640M.
Is there an application fee for membership? Initiation fee?
  • There is no application fee. There is no initiation fee.
Do I have to attend meetings to get any benefit from WASDA?
  • Meeting attendance is not a requirement for membership in WASDA, however it is very strongly recommended. The real benefit to you as a WASDA member as well as your fellow member companies is to gain advantages from your experiences in the water works industry. Meetings are a great opportunity to network and share your expertise with your peers.
What is the cost of attending meetings?
  • The costs vary depending on the number of delegates attending any given meeting. The typical cost for the individual attendee is over $600.00 for the meeting registration plus hotel and travel. Once you arrive at the meeting site, most of the WASDA business and social events are free with your registration.
How long has WASDA been allowing Associate members?
  • Associate or Vendor members have been permitted to join WASDA since 2004.
How is the WASDA Board of Directors created?
  • Prospective board members must be active members in the association and in good standing. Future board members are nominated to the board by either the general membership or the leadership committee. The slate of new board members is presented to the general membership for vote during a general business meeting. The current board term is three years, with a two-term limit. The WASDA Board of Directors currently has 13 members: 10 distributor members, 1 associate member, the president and past president of WASDA.
Does WASDA have an industry-wide database?
  • Yes. The membership database is kept within the management group and is available online.
Does WASDA utilize any electronic standards or web applications?
  • WASDA continues to offer its membership with the latest technology, and relies heavily on its members to assist them in technological advancements.
What are WASDA’s long-range goals?
  • In addition to the mission statement in this section, WASDA would like to continue to increase membership, further enhancing its member base through industry contacts, networking opportunities and annual meetings. WASDA can provide the tools needed to benefit member companies of all sizes now and into the future.
What is WASDA doing to increase its membership?
  • WASDA’s membership committee is constantly updating its database of new and existing water and sewer distributors. The committee continually contacts non-member companies through electronic methods, mailings and new member packets. It is really up to each member company to network to their own local and regional non-members about the benefits of joining WASDA.
How do I get a list of local WASDA distributors?
  • There is a complete member’s directory section on the website. Just open the page and search by state, name, type of company or “all”. A printed directory is available to all members.
How can WASDA help improve my business?
  • The benefits to WASDA members continue to grow.  Whether it is the annual meetings, annual member survey and analysis, networking opportunities, or the central information base, the benefits are endless.
  • WASDA members have the chance to discuss relative business issues with peers in their own industry while not comprising any competitive information. No other organization brings together as many resources as WASDA.
What are the different classifications for WASDA membership?
  • Distributor: Distributor members must have their principle offices located in North America and have a “significant” part of their business in the water or sewer distribution business. Distribution is defined as selling the end unit to the user or installer customer. “Significant” is determined by your type of business and ultimately by a vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Associate: Vendor members must have their principle offices located in North America. Vendors or Manufacturer members are required to have a “significant” part of their business in the manufacturing of product. A significant part of their business would involve sales directly to the distributor and not the end user or customer. “Significant” is determined by your type of business, nature of representation and ultimately by a vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Emeritus: Individuals who were formerly employed by businesses that are or were members of WASDA (Distributor or Associate).  The former employee can no longer be an individual proprietor or involved with a firm or entity that is eligible for WASDA membership. Eligible individuals in the opinion of the WASDA Board of Directors, must have made a contribution to the organization.