WASDA History Timeline

Throughout history, WASDA has been the trade association for stocking distributors and manufacturers of waterworks in America. Below is our Water History Timeline. The timeline begins when WASDA was founded in 1979. WASDA is composed of major industry distributors and manufacturers throughout North America. The founders wanted to improve the industry’s image. Consistency of the requirements of applicable laws and enhancement of the collective financial well being of the industry are also at the heart of our mission.

Upon inception in 1979, WASDA had a small membership including 14 companies. Membership has now grown to more than 145 companies.

Today, WASDA hosts educational forums where the members can lawfully meet and exchange ideas and information. The Association also provides seminars, workshops, and materials related to the industry and its business. WASDA’s strength and unity is recognized throughout the waterworks and wastewater products industry. Historically, WASDA is the organization for companies who want to put more into their industry, so that they may get more out of it.