WASDA Membership

Membership in WASDA gives your company access to the leading waterworks distributors and manufacturers. We positively impact your organizations bottom line, while maintaining a pulse on industry trends and regulations. There are three types of membership classes in WASDA: Distributor, Associate, and Emeritus.  Read more below to learn about the qualifications of each membership category.


1. Distributor Membership (Company):  includes association voting rights and is defined as, “A business enterprise whose principal office is located in the North America and a significant part of their business is engaged in the warehousing, distribution and selling of water, sewer, and storm water products to installers and end users.”


2. Associate Membership (Company): are defined as, “A manufacturing business whose offices are located in the North America that is engaged as a significant part of their business in the manufacturing of water, sewer, or storm water products for sale through distribution.”


3. Emeritus Membership (Individual): are individuals who were formerly employed by firms, corporations, partnerships, individual proprietorship that were or are members of the organization. Other types of businesses that are or were Distributors or Associate members of the corporation are eligible to enroll with an Emeritus Membership. To be eligible, the former employee can no longer be an individual proprietor or involved with a firm or entity that is eligible to be a Distributor member and must, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have made a contribution to the organization.


Becoming a member of WASDA has many benefits, including:

  • Networking – Gain access to key players in the waterworks industry.
  • Exposure – Get your company name out there, increase your exposure…increase your business.
  • Industry Awareness – Stay informed about trends and all the latest developments; knowing what’s going on in the rest of the market.
  • Business Management Resources – Access to various organization resources.
  • Professional Development – Grooming future water industry leaders.
  • Education – Participate in industry related seminars and discussions as well as the Annual Meeting.