Which Membership is Best for You?

There are four types of membership classes in WASDA: 

  1. Distributor
  2. Associate
  3. Affiliate
  4. Emeritus 

Read more below to learn about the qualifications of each membership category.


1. Distributor Membership (Company)

Distributor Members have voting rights and are defined as business enterprises whose principal office is located in North America and have a significant part of their business engaged in the warehousing, distribution and selling of waterworks or sewer and storm drainage pipes, valves, meters, accessories and fittings to installers and end users of these products.  Member dues based on annual sales volume and is self reporting.

Annual Sales Volume Annual Dues
Less than $5 million $987
$5 million to $9,999,999 $1,645
$10 million to $19,999,999 $2,467
$20 million to $39,999,999 $3,453
$40 million to $79,999,999 $4,605
$80 million to $159,999,999 $5,920
$160 million to $319,999,999 $7,400
$320 million to $639,999,999 $9,045
$640 million and up $10,854


DISTRIBUTOR – Download an Application


2. Associate Membership (Company)

Associate members are defined as manufacturing businesses whose offices are located in North America and have a significant part of their business engaged in the manufacturing of waterworks, sewer or storm drain pipes, valves, meters, fittings and accessories for sale through distribution.

Annual Associate membership dues are $2,200 per member.  Each separate company, division, or billing entity must be a separate member.

ASSOCIATE – Download an Application


3. Affiliate Membership (Organization)

Any trade association or social welfare organization, representing distributors, manufacturers, or water/wastewater industry end-users, is eligible for Affiliate Membership.

AFFILIATE – Download an Application


4. Emeritus Membership (Individual)

Individuals who were formerly employed by firms, corporations, partnerships, individual proprietorship and other types of business that are or were Distributor or Associate Members of the Corporation are eligible for membership in the Corporation as Emeritus Members.  To be eligible, the former employee can no longer be an individual proprietor or involved with a firm or entity that is eligible to be a Distributor or Associate Member in the Corporation and must, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, have made a contribution to the organization.  Emeritus Members shall not be eligible to vote in the affairs of the organization.

EMERITUS – Download an Application


Ready to Join? 

Interested companies who wish to join WASDA should fill out the appropriate membership application and submit it to WASDA Staff at [email protected].


What’s Next?

Once WASDA Headquarters receives your application, a member of the management team will contact you to go over a few qualification questions. Once that step is completed, your application will be submitted to the WASDA Board of Director for approval based on meeting eligibility requirements outlined above. Approval can take up to 14 business days. Once a decision has been reached, the key contact of the company will be notified of membership status.