Leadership Opportunities


WASDA Leadership Opportunities

Each year WASDA’s Leadership Development Committee seeks nominees to the board of directors.  WASDA’s Board is primarily comprised of distributor members; if you are an Associate Member, you can learn about leadership options here.

Eligibility and Terms:

To be eligible to be nominated and elected as a Director of the Corporation, a person shall be actively engaged as a principal or employee of a Member (distributor). Preference will be given to candidates actively involved at the committee level.  Each board term is three years, renewable for one additional term if elected by the membership. Candidates elected to office will begin their term at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting and are expected to attend the second board meeting held during the Annual Meeting.  If candidates are not principals of the company, approval from a direct supervisor/company principal is required.

Board Member Role and Responsibility:

The board holds two face to face meetings per year, plus meetings held via teleconference throughout the year.  Regular attendance is expected, especially at face to face meetings.  Travel is not reimbursable for these meetings. Board members will be requested to comply with policies outlined by the board of directors and operate in accordance with association bylaws and antitrust law.  WASDA carries Directors & Officers insurance for its board of directors.

To obtain a nomination form or learn more about leadership opportunities, contact us.