WASDA Secretary/Treasurer Kevin A. Murphy

The WASDA Industry Insights annual survey is a resource specific to distributors like me. The valuable information is presented both on an industry wide profile of trends as well as a specific benchmark evaluation of my company as it relates to the industry. The content of the performance report is useful in my banking relations as well as preparing strategies with senior management and my board of directors.

- Kevin Murphy, Blair Supply Corporation

One of the benefits of WASDA Membership is the opportunity to participate in the annual Industry Profile Survey.  This benchmarking survey is an excellent tool you can use to compare your businesses performance against companies within the water/wastewater industry. This is a benefit offered only to WASDA Distributor Members and is available at no additional cost. Learn how this information can benefit your business here.

There are two ways to participate in the survey.  You may complete the survey in full including the submission of financial data, or you can opt to complete the survey without sending in the financial data.  Check out a sample report (fully completed) here.

WASDA’s Annual Industry Profile Report is conducted by a third-party benchmarking firm, Industry Insights.  All results are directed to them and no member of WASDA leadership or the Management Team have access to the data.  Only companies that participate are eligible to receive results, which includes an industry-at-large profile in addition to a tailored company profile.  Contact us with questions related to this excellent member benefit.