WASDA Future Leaders Council


Past Events:

Identifying and Shaping Future Leaders in the Water Industry

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Panel Participants:

WASDA Director Bill Driskill
Bill Driskill
HD Supply Waterworks, Inc
Kevin King
Kevin King
Coburn Supply Company, Inc.
Nate Peirce
Nate Peirce
H.R. Prescott & Sons, Inc.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
Blair Supply Corporation
Laura Grondin
Laura Grondin
Bingham & Taylor Corp.

About the Council

The Future Leaders Council (FLC) was established in 2013 to offer a balance of networking and industry-specific education to emerging company leaders. Led by WASDA Board Member, Theresa  Jaime Michigan Pipe & Valve-Saginaw, the FLC is one of the newer programs offered to WASDA members, comprised of both distribution and manufacturing WASDA member companies.


The Future Leaders Council (FLC) was established to provide industry-specific education and networking opportunities to emerging company leaders through interaction with WASDA industry leaders, tailored educational sessions and exclusive networking events.

Who is Eligible?

A member of the Future Leaders Council is defined as those that are either new to the industry and/or part of the next generation of leaders within a member company; age does not necessarily define a “future leader”.
Employees of any WASDA member company (both distributors and manufacturers) in good standing are eligible to join the Council.


Being a part of the FLC does not require a large time or financial commitment. The FLC meets face-to-face twice per year, held in conjunction with the WASDA annual and fall meetings. The Council also meets throughout the year, as needed, via teleconference. There is no additional membership fee to join the Council.

Rewards & Benefits of Participation

Industry Network

One of the primary benefits in joining the FLC is the ability to build a network amongst other individuals who have been identified by their company as future leaders/owners. Members of the FLC have begun to build their own peer network, forging relationships that will be crucial as they grow into senior management/executive and ownership roles. FLC members are able to relate to the evolving challenges and opportunities as they arise, creating an industry-specific network that will serve them throughout their careers.

Industry Information & Professional Development

Critical to any employee’s success is the ability to understand the market, key players in the field, and how to best conduct business. By joining the FLC, members have access to industry-specific educational programs targeted to emerging leaders.


Supporting an employee as a member of the FLC will better prepare your emerging leaders to successfully navigate today’s ever changing business climate. Those that join the FLC will be expected to receive company support to attend at least one face-to-face meeting per year (although two are preferred), attend conference calls throughout the course of the year as time permits, and assist with projects and initiatives of the FLC.

Hard costs include registration fees to attend one to two meetings per year ($575-$675 depending on the meeting) and expenses associated with travel, including lodging and transportation. Programming for the FLC is offered at no additional cost.

How to Join

If you or someone you know would benefit from becoming a WASDA Future Leader, please contact us at [email protected]. A member of the WASDA Management Team will follow up with the next Council Meeting information.

Past Programming

November 14, 2014
E-Commerce as Growth Strategy
This webcast explores successful multi-channel approaches to e-commerce that focus on integrating and enhancing the customer experience across all channels – print/online catalogs, mobile, social and other customer sales/service delivery platforms.
* A recording of the webinar can be found by logging into the Members Only section.


2014 Annual Meeting
Speaker – Ed Berliner
The Undefeated Image: This Isn’t Your Dad’s Company Anymore
This special presentation of “The Undefeated Image” focused on how to craft and build that image with colleagues, vendors & clients both in and outside the industry. How social media can make or break you and your business. How to insure you are seen as the future of your company and your industry and how to make it last a lifetime.


Art of Networking

September 22, 2015
Art of Networking
Presented by Heather Hansen-O’NeilNetworking is about making new connections and building stronger relationships. Often this important component of association, bonding and community is lost or at minimum left wanting. Because we recognize how significant your ability to connect can be to your overall view of the event, it is our pleasure to provide you with a few tips to help you make the most of your time.  Click here to see a recording of the webinar (login may be required).


Goldfayan Headshot

2016 Annual Meeting
Speaker Alex Goldfayn
Killing Commodities: How to Elevate Your Product or Service to Special or Singular Status
The Future Leaders Council convened for an exclusive, small-group workshop with Alex Goldfayn, where the group discussed easy and low to no cost strategies for improving their organizations bottom line.  Asking for a referral, learning more about what your customers think of your service, and how to best communicate with current and prospective customers were a just few topics explored during this focused, interactive session geared toward future company leadership.